Family Coverage Options


UltraHero - Family






  • Family SSN Monitoring*

  • Family Insurance & Restoration*

  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring

  • $1 Million Protection Restoration

  • Credit Report & Score

  • Credit Score Simulator

  • File Lock

  • 3-Bureau Credit Report Annually

  • Identity Bundle Monitoring

Identity Bundle Monitoring includes:


Bank Accounts

Credit Cards

Debit Cards

Drivers License Number

Medical ID

Passport Number


Email Address

Phone Number

Sex Offender

Subscription information



  • Monthly subscription starts when you complete your purchase and renews automatically reoccurring each month.

  • All pricing is quoted on a plan is offered at time of purchase and is subject to change. The new pricing will be charged on the next billing cycle and notice will be given at least 10 days prior.

  • You can cancel your subscription here or by contacting customer service at 844-364-3383.

  • As a subscriber on a monthly basis, you can cancel at any time and you will not be billed for the next month automatically. Your subscription will be active for the reaming period of time.

  • IdentityHero is an independent identity monitoring service and is not affiliated with any financial institution or credit bureau or FICA scoring service.

  • IdentityHero is a service/product name for services provided by third party information.

  • This service/product does not improve or guarantee any FICA score gains or credit improvement.

  • The value of an individual’s private data continues to grow as criminals become more efficient in harvesting and using personally identifiable information.

  • IdentityHero is a brand of Pinpoint Insurance Services, Inc. dba QuoteHero.

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